Your IP Address

The domain serving this page uses a dualstack CDN that has both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. If you see an IPv6 address above, your ISP can route traffic to this server over IPv6 and your web browser prefers IPv6. If you see an IPv4 address above it means either your ISP can't route IPv6 traffic, or your browser prefers IPv4.

If your ISP hasn't turned on IPv6 in your area and you want IPv6, let them know! IPv6 offers several benefits compared to IPv4, including more efficient packet routing, simplified network configuration via SLAAC, and better security via baked-in IPSEC.

If your browser prefers IPv4 and you know IPv6 is enabled and working on your network, a connection reset may help. A browser may get stuck preferring IPv4 if it loads a page before your device is assigned an IPv6 address by your router, or you recently moved from an IPv4-only network to an IPv6-enabled network. Close your browser, then disconnect and reconnect your device to the network. Wait a bit for the IPv6 auto-configuration to take place before opening your browser again.

Get your IP from the command line!

http -b
wget -qO-
Plain output (any User-Agent)